Italian Marble for Markham Homes – Artistic Beauty Showcased

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Italian Marble in your Markham Home
Are you a fan of Monet or perhaps the more earthy tones of Raphael? There's something to be said about comparing the artistic beauty of Italian marble and natural stone products with famous artists and masterpieces from around the globe.
Whether you're choosing mosaic tile for your bathroom, or exotic granite countertops for your kitchen, let your inspiration come from the things you love! Even unattainable works of art housed in the world's most illustrious museums and in spectacular venues can be reflected in your Markham home.
From the ancient Greek sculptural splendor of Venus de Milo to your counter and vanity tops, backsplash, and flooring, Italian marble has long been sought out for its highly polishable surface and durability. As the crystallized form of limestone, marble features feather-like veins of mineral composition and swirls with overall colours ranging from classic white Carrara to rich Sicilian brown.
Added Bonus: Italian marble is perfect for your bathroom tub surround or for that gorgeous French pastry slab you've always wanted in your kitchen!
An indispensible architectural material for thousands of years, limestone offers endurance tracing as far back as the magnificent Great Pyramid of Giza. The neutral colour array of limestone makes it an attractive choice for flooring in your entranceway or kitchen, as well as for surfaces in your bathroom.
Added Bonus: Textured limestone contains a visual display of hundreds if not thousands of marine animal fossils!
Traditional and Exotic Granite
As one of the most durable of natural stones, traditional granite has been used to create everything from the ancient Brihadeeswarar Temple in India to the majestic carved presidents of Mount Rushmore. The signature sparkle in traditional granite comes from a combination of minerals including mica and quartz that won't fade with time. With colours ranging from a cosmic-like Earth Glitter to a sparkling deep Black Galaxy, traditional granite may be used for countertops, fireplace surrounds, bathroom vanity and backsplashes.
Added Bonus: Leftover granite has the possibility of being made into a cutting board, cheese tray, small kitchen shelf, or even a DIY table!
With the same characteristics of traditional granite, exotic granite is representative of the more eye-catching colours found in natural stone. Lose yourself in the intense aromatic spices found in Golden Shadow, deep ocean waters of Blue Baha, and the marbled desert sands of Oasis.
Offering another selection of vivid colour choices, quartzite is derived from a combination of hardened quartz and sandstone. View the Water Lilies of Claude Monet in Fusion, the eye-catching spotted patterns of Palomino and Blue Turtle, and the contrasting simplicity found in Van Gogh. Quartzite is a resilient natural stone with traits mimicking the look of marble, making it ideal for bathroom and kitchen countertops, flooring, walls, and fireplace surrounds.
Added Bonus: Quartzite is harder than marble making it a wonderful investment choice for your home!
Mosaic Tiles
Some say ‘it's all in the details' – mosaic tiles can provide a focal point or finishing touches anywhere in your home, such as with the exceptional adornments found in St. Peter's Basilica in Rome. Available in a variety of colours and patterns, mosaic tiles are versatile for use as a backsplash in your kitchen, flooring, or for a feature wall in your bathroom.
Added Bonus: Mosaic tiles can hide wall imperfections while adding texture and customizable style!